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  1. Just got an s4 and oh wow.. Adapt is so good, is there any way to get Poweramp to utilise it? I love Poweramp it has so many more features than the standard player but if I can't get adapt to work with it then I'm going to have to give up on it
  2. I wouldn't say "all". I have no interest in this whatsoever.
  3. I tend to create a shuffled playlist of my whole music library and listen to it all over a period of several months. Occassionally during that time I will want to play something outside of the playlist though, and in order to go back to where I was in the playlist I lave to remember which song I was on (eg 622/2591 currently) and navigate there manually. Would be really nice if it could remember my last place in ALL playlists, not just the current one. Eg I am listening to an Audiobook (Iain M Banks Surface Detail, excellent in case anyone is interested) but I sometimes want to listen to music at other times from my playlist. I currently use the default music app for the audiobook and Poweramp for the music so that I don't lose my place in either. Otherwise it's a bit like trying to read two books at the same time with only one bookmark...
  4. Hmm, spoke too soon. 2 random reboots and 1 freeze in last 2.5 hours.... Never had that before. edit: nearly 24 hours later no reboots or freezes.
  5. 477 working fine on my HD2 with NRG Sensation Rom. What does SRS actually do though? Sounds like a combination of stereo x plus a bass boost, which seems a bit pointless considering we have those already, or am I missing what it does? By the way, SRS setting is not being saved in the presets and the Beats indicator doesn't turn off unless you change screens and go back again.
  6. Occasionally accidentally press either of these and it is very frustrating trying to find my place in the playlist I was in. Would be nice to have an option to disable or remove these. I never use them other than by accident...
  7. Running a Sensation XL Rom. DVC is not enabled. Is this to be expected, or should I notify the guys behind the Rom?
  8. Is there a 4x1 widget option that removes the next-folder buttons? It's a bit busy, only really want play/pause, next and previous, Don't want to accidentally press next folder... Similarly is there a way to remove the track counter from the widget?
  9. Do'h I've been regularly refreshing the beta 1 thread waiting for this..... Glad to have the widgets back, however, I don't kow if this is a bug or not, with 4x1 style 2 I can't get the background to disappear completely, looks fine in the preview, but when I confirm it seems to turn the opacity up a notch.
  10. Been using it all week now and following my earlier comments about DVC I have since changed to a different DesireHD ROM on my HD2 and now enabling DVC definitely improves the sound. One thing I really like and I can't rememberif it was on the previous version is being able to sneak a look at what song is next by slowly half swiping the album art across the screen. My main issue with this beta is that it feels like a finished product, i've never seen a beta version with so few issues. The widget can't come soon enough though...
  11. I assume the album thumbnails use the embedded art, whereas the downloaded is saved elsewhere. Would be nice if there was an option to save the selected downloaded art, ie replace the embedded with the selected one. Or is that there already somewhere?
  12. I don't know if this is due to Poweramp or whether it calls external on-line tools, but when searching for album art it fails to search if the band name has a special character such as the oumlaut over the 'y' of Queensr├┐che or the o of Mot├Ârhead. Anyway around this other than modifying the tags?
  13. LOL, Now I feel stupid! Didn't realise that was how it worked.
  14. Hmm, have tried rebooting, reinstalling, but still cannot remove the repeat/shuffle icons from on top of the album art or the Eq/Tone ones. Can't actually see an option for hiding the Eq on/Tone on icons, only for "Always show repeat/shuffle" and "Always show rating". Edit: Did a full uninstall instead of installing over the top of old one and this time the icons were gone. BUT, now I can't turn them ON instead!
  15. Initial things: 1)Can't turn off eq/tone and repeat/shuffle/ratings icons from on top of the album art. 2)Sound quality notably worse with Direct Volume Control enabled (HTC HD2 running Desire HD Rom) 3) Seems very light on treble compared to before. Having to turn treble way up high, bass levels feel VERY high, having to turn down to min.
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