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WHy does Poweramp override everything else over BT?

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I love everything about Poweramp except the way it takes over when using BT devices.

I have always had this problem on multiple bt headsets and now we have a vehicle with bt built in to the headunit and it has issues too, and this is over multiple different android phones.

With BT headsets if I start Poweramp one time and then try to use a different app (audio book  or podcast player) pause and play will start Poweramp again instead of controlling the audio app I'm trying to use.

In our 2016 Honda pilot, I listen to google music most of the time....if shut off the vehicle and then come back later, when my phone reconnects (note5 currently) Poweramp starts playing (but not always), instead of google music which is what was playing when I shut the engine off...it does this even though Poweramp has not even been started since the last phone restart?

No other audio app I use over bt does anything like this, just Poweramp.


I have tried every setting I can find in the menus that might have anything to do with bt control with no changes. This issue has been aggravating me for years, I payed for the full version back in the verizon Motorola Droid days.


Is there a solution to this or do I just have to start using a different audio player for when I want to listen to local (on the microsd card) content?

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