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"All Songs" list empty...

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All of my songs are still on my Droid X but they do not show up in the all songs tab. If you look under "artists" or any of the other ones, you can play them but under "All Songs" it says 0 songs. Tried the stock player and it works fine. Might have something to do with the new update.

Droid X 2.2 Froyo

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I see. For All songs PowerAMP (starting for build-330) uses extra flag for library: is_sound=no/is_music=yes. Basically this means it doesn't want to show/play any non-music files (like game sounds). But Droid X seems to have issues with distinguishing sounds from music.

You can try following:

- rename your /sdcard/music folder to /sdcard/music2 (or any other folder you use as music folder)

- reboot the phone

- add /sdcard/music2 folder to PowerAMP Music Folders in its settings (if you use Folder list).

This will force system library to rebuild its database. Though, your non-m3u playlists will be lost.

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I have a similar problem after this latest upgrade: when I click "All Songs" only my mp3-songs show up in the list, while the majority of my songs (FLAC-files) doesn't show up, but are still accessible via "Artists" or "Albums".

Not a big problem, but still a bit irritating since it used to work before....

Any way to fix this?

(my phone is a HTC Desire 2.2)

Best regards!

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