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  1. This is (as far as I know) the default mp3 tagging setting in Foobar2000, and PA still does not seem to recognize the RG-tags in my mp3-files. Anything else I can try? Works great for FLAC-files though!
  2. How can this (correct) tagging behaviour be controlled in Foobar2000? When I just use the default settings in Foobar2000 the RG-tags in my mp3-files are not read by PA. I also use Foobar2000 to RG-tag my FLAC-files, and these tags are read by PA. Best regards
  3. This version looks and sounds fantastic! Great work Max! One small problem on my phone (HTC Desire w/ Android 2.3.3): - The program force closed every time I tried to go into "settings". - Moved the program from SD-card to the phone and the problem is "solved" (I'm able to go into the settings menu). Thanx!
  4. Hi! I have a similar problem after this latest upgrade: when I click "All Songs" only my mp3-songs show up in the list, while the majority of my songs (FLAC-files) doesn't show up, but are still accessible via "Artists" or "Albums". Not a big problem, but still a bit irritating since it used to work before.... Any way to fix this? (my phone is a HTC Desire 2.2) Best regards!
  5. Firstly: Thanks for a fantastic app!! Instead of implementing some kind of limiter function, why not read and use the embedded ReplayGain/MP3Gain-tags from the FLAC/MP3-files? Best regards
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