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i have a problem with the album art .i have not mark ''download albumart;

prefer downloaded album and song change gestures ,list change gestures .when i put on the album art in the payer modus he make a connection to inet to search album art it is not good please make a new point for nothing by gestures.sorry my version is 1.2.330 phone htc wildfire.or is this a mistake from me.my wish it when i put on album art or cover does nothing.this is a great player today and in the future of android. best greats miblu

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PowerAMP won't automatically download images when you uncheck appropriate option (Download Album Art - unchecked by default).

If you long press Album Art on main screen, PowerAMP will search internet for images, but it won't save them until you select some.

Also, first "image" (PA logo) is no-image placeholder, and the next one is usually either extracted embed album art or some jpeg available from the song folder.


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