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Cannot play ogg file properly

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Hello there,

I have converted a file from ts stream(audio only) to ogg file format, however the Poweramp player cannot play it.
Any idea what to do to play ogg properly?

Poweramp build: alpha-build-704-uni (Full Version)
Device: LG Nexus 5X with DirtyUnicorn OFFICIAL-v10.6 (Android 6.0.1 w/3.10.94 kernel)

Temporary file storage, for preview and testing use only: magicman.ogg
(Link will be removed/revoked 48 hours after this post published)

https://dropfile.to/2PXHRaz (mirror 1)
https://file.io/RoRQnf (mirror 2)
https://gofile.io/?c=6QQYiD (mirror 3)



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It's probably not the OGG file itself that's the problem (it is only a container, not an encoding format) but the AAC-encoded audio within it. A few of my PC programs cope with it OK, but some pretty standard programs like VLC Media Player and FooBar2000 do not.


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