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library is cleaned up every time I logout from the app

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Bought license, app. version 2.0.19-build588

 Xiaomi redmi 2 lte, rom MiuiPro latest build, 32GB flash card, FAT32, no errors.

Every time I run your app, I must rescan the library and add files to playlist manually, 'cause the app doesn't remember anything. Would like this issue to be fixed, otherwise want my money back.


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As long as the same files are actually present on your device when Poweramp starts, you should not have this issue. PA always does a rescan on startup (unless you disable that feature) just to check whether any new songs have been added or anything removed since last time it was used, in order to update its Library list. But this should be very quick if no changes have been made (I have 4000+ songs on my SD card and I never even notice it happening).

Are you talking about file-based playlists, or ones that you create manually within Poweramp? They are handled slightly differently. The physical contents of file-based lists won't ever be altered by PA depending on whether the music file is found or not (so if a song temporarily vanishes from a list if for some reason it can't be found in the local file system, it will re-appear again the next time a rescan finds it). Internal playlists are different, once they notice a file is not available it will be removed permanently from the list and you'd need to re-add it manually (which seems to be what is happening to you).

Does the same thing happen to you if your music is stored on your device's internal memory rather than an SD Card? There should never be any mounting issues with internal memory.

One thing you could do in the meantime to at least make this issue less frustrating is once you have created your playlists in Poweramp, export them to files (using Settings > Folders and Library > Export Poweramp Playlists). Once they are file-based, they will no longer ever be modified by Poweramp so you won't lose the contents of the lists.

Oh, one last thing, does anything get remembered between PA sessions (last played track, other settings, etc)? If not, there is a problem with your device not allowing PA to save it's settings.


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