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Output volume very low

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Poweramp version 2.0.10-build-588-play (full Version)

Phone BQ Aquaris _A4.5, Android version 6 Build number 2.4.0-20160406-1138

I recently transferred my Poweramp full version from my Samsung MP3 player to my BQ phone (manufactured in Spain)  At first everything was working fine but one day I noticed the output volume had gone way low, so much so that I need to set the volume control in the equalizer to maximum and also turn on DVC.  Doing these things brings the volume to the level of the other music apps in my phone (1.FM,, the native music app of the phone and spotify. )   So what am I doing wrong

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I happen to have the EXACT same smartphone as you, and I don't have that problem after being using Poweramp for more than four months on that device.

I was going to suggest to turn on DVC, but you already did that. So, my suggestions to find the reason are:

- First, uninstall Poweramp and reinstall it. Android is famous for causing a lot of problems because of damaged cache and problems when installing apps. This is easy and fast, and I would try that first. For that, do the following. Go to Settings->Apps->Poweramp->Storage and touch "CLEAR CACHE" and "CLEAR DATA". Then, uninstall the app. After that, reinstall it. Please don't import your configuration from your Samsung player to the A4.5, let's try to use Poweramp with the default settings to see if that works.

- Second, test with DVC off. That will allow Dolby to kick in and you SHOULD have the same output level with Poweramp than you have with other apps).

- Third, make sure this is not caused by ReplayGain.

- If that doesn't work and you know for sure the problem doesn't lie in your headset (e.g. other apps work OK with them), let me know and we will try to isolate the problem.

Last, but not least, your native language is probably Spanish. I think it's MUCH better to help other users if we keep this conversation open, here and in English, but if this is a problem for you and you prefer to solve this problem in Spanish, you can send me a private message if you want. In the end, even though this information may be quite useful for other users, the fact is that it probably affects just your terminal, so maybe it doesn't make any sense to deal with the problem here. It's up to you ;)

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