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  1. I've attached an image of my queue screen, as you can see there is no three dot menu button. I'm using the old version on a zte axom 7, android 7
  2. When i view the queue contents within the library view there is no menu button Im using the old version, the new version is unusable. I firmly believe if it works don't fix it
  3. Well, that is as thorough a reply as I could have hoped for. I will try all the suggestions you made and let you know. in English. Thank you very much in advance.
  4. Poweramp version 2.0.10-build-588-play (full Version) Phone BQ Aquaris _A4.5, Android version 6 Build number 2.4.0-20160406-1138 I recently transferred my Poweramp full version from my Samsung MP3 player to my BQ phone (manufactured in Spain) At first everything was working fine but one day I noticed the output volume had gone way low, so much so that I need to set the volume control in the equalizer to maximum and also turn on DVC. Doing these things brings the volume to the level of the other music apps in my phone (1.FM,, the native music app of the phone and spotify. ) So wha
  5. Albums display screen will only display 17 characters.Gents I got your answer through the forum but your answer does not have any bearing on reality. Fact is the albums display screen will (not quite!) display 4 albums per screen with a label underneath each. This label can have a maximum of 17 characters and there is no ID3 that will change that. As long as the display screen contains 4 albums there will not be enough space underneath to display long album names. An option for the long press menu to display full name is not a luxury, its a necessity!
  6. This is not exactly a bug but an irritating feature which can easily be fixed. I'm a classical music lover and I group my albums by composer. Quite often there will be several albums per composer with the same initial 17 characters in the name, for example Mozart Divertimentos. I have 8 albums with names that start like that and then come the numbers which cannot be seen. The only way I can see what the contents are of any of those 8 albums is to play it and look at the playlist. Needless to say this is a pain. A simpler and easily implemented solution would be to have an added option i
  7. Well, it has been three weeks since I made this post Initially and there is no response from the developers. It is still a pain in the but choosing an album from several that have the same initial name, for example "Beethoven symphony No...... and there are 9 symphonies possibly 2 per album and not necessarily in order. So you can see how frustrating it can get. It would be a very simple addition to the program: long press on an album name (or song name for that matter) produces an option such as: "Show full title" among others
  8. Dear Sirs, recently unbeknownst to me Poweramp upgraded to version 2.0.9-build-564. The new version displays albums for a particular artist as icons where, if it were available, the picture for the front cover appears. It is a very pretty display however for me it poses the following problem: My favorite type of music is classical and as you may know some classical albums have rather long names. With the new albums display format it is only possible to see the first 12 or so letters of the album name. It would be nice if through a long press the full name of the album would be temporarily
  9. Well, all I can say is that the statement found on that link: "Internet connection is not required for normal operation" is false as I have already had to connect to the internet three times in order to re-activate Poweramp.
  10. Bought Poweramp and unlocker about a year ago. I have a Samsung YP-G1 MP3 player. I seldom connect to the internet with it. Recently I did connect and let it update many of my programs including Poweramp. Since then I've had many issues with the license verification. I've now learnt to connect at some wi-fi spot and Poweramp will recognize the license and go back to normal. But basically it is a pain in the but. And what if it happens somewhere where I really want to use my player but there is no wifi internet, on an airplane for example. Please get this stupid thing fixed Thanks
  11. If I have several albums for a given artist, If I tell Poweramp to play all the songs for that particular artist, the songs will be played according to the track number of the individual songs. In other words, track 1 of the first album will play first, and trak1 of the second album will be played next and so forth. Seems to me a more logical approach would be to play all the songs in the first album, then the second and so forth. For example if I wish to play Bach mass in B minor, which is a 2 CD set and tell Poweramp to play that piece, it will be played all scrambled and not in the order
  12. Seems to me that adding songs to the queue, those songs should be added to the bottom of the list that is currently playing. Instead after I create a list of songs in the queue and then play it, the list that was playing will be eliminated and the first song in the queue is what plays. I wish there was a way to play an album and then add another album which will play when the list of songs in the first album is finished
  13. How do I program the player to go to sleep. I haven't seen that option Thanks
  14. I use Poweramp on a Galaxy 4 Wifi music player. Since I use it almost exclusively to listen to music (it is not a phone) it makes sense to turn it off between uses to extend time between battery charges. I feel this feature should be rather easy to implement and useful to a number of users
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