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  1. Hi Andre This only happens with Launcher3 but not with Google Now Launcher (the previous "official" Google launcher) so maybe it's just a glitch. It's not a big deal anyway, it just means losing space for a row of icons. Frankly, nothing that cannot wait to be fixed in the far future. I'll wait for the next version. Thanks for replying
  2. Confirmed in my device running 7.1.1 I can't go into details about the phone model at this time, sorry. All widgets from Poweramp, but not from other apps, appear to be one "unit" taller than they really are. Also, they cannot be resized. Using Launcher3 (default Google Launcher from AOSP). If needed, I can provide with screenshots.
  3. I happen to have the EXACT same smartphone as you, and I don't have that problem after being using Poweramp for more than four months on that device. I was going to suggest to turn on DVC, but you already did that. So, my suggestions to find the reason are: - First, uninstall Poweramp and reinstall it. Android is famous for causing a lot of problems because of damaged cache and problems when installing apps. This is easy and fast, and I would try that first. For that, do the following. Go to Settings->Apps->Poweramp->Storage and touch "CLEAR CACHE" and "CLEAR DATA". Then, un
  4. @mwalimu, even though I've used the player for some time, I think it's a great idea to write such a manual. And you look like the one to do it, your writing is good, you are good at explaining things. If you ever write such a manual, contact me and if I can afford the time I'll collaborate with you by translating it to Spanish, if you want me to. Thanks for the initiative.
  5. Hi! Version 588, official, from Play Store. BQ Aquaris A4.5 phone, Android 6.0.0, Stock ROM. I'm sorry I didn't notified this before, because even though I noticed it just after installing version 588 I thought it was a problem with my headset, not with Poweramp. The problem is simple: when I turn the volume up or down, it fluctuates sometimes a bit before settling. For example, let's say I'm listening music at certain volume X. If I turn the volume UP one "click", the volume drops BELOW X and then goes up to the definite level. If I'm at volume X and I turn the volume DOWN one
  6. @Andre, looks like we share the same views about Google developing process (or lack of)...
  7. Andre, you removed the email address of the user from the public post... but the guy used his email address as his user name anyway...
  8. @r4pt0r, for PC try foobar2000. Only for Windows, unfortunately, because I never found a player as good as fb2k for Linux. A pity, really.
  9. Aaaaaaaamen, Andre. My exact views, point for point. Maybe I'm not so picky with Material Design, but I spent like 80% on my smartphone swearing and cursing at Google and their "inventions". Sometimes it's like if they loved giving hell to their users. Of course, they LOVE giving hell Android developers (ask Max...), so doing the same to the end users was only a natural next step, I suppose...
  10. DervishD


    No, Andre, the "bugs" (if they were bugs and not just preferences in behaviour) were not fixed, the poster ended the message with "éxitos" because he was wishing success to the project, not because he had all fixed. That's why I didn't translate it in my reply, it's just a formula for ending a message, not real content. Chrome translation is far from perfect If the poster explains to me (in Spanish) the problems he is having, I will translate them for the forum. So far, I don't fully understand what the problems are...
  11. If the system memory is so low, there's little you can do, unfortunately. I can understand that vendors try to reduce manufacturing costs, and that usually mean low storage, but some of them reduce the system storage so much that the device ends up being totally useless. In this case, the problem is not only the lack of system memory, but the fact that the "Parrot Store" doesn't have the apps you need. I don't see what you can do here. For Poweramp to work (check the license) I suppose you need Google Play services installed. That means you need, at a bare minimum, 80 MB (If I recall corr
  12. DervishD


    Celerino, if I understand things correctly, this forum is English-only (with a Russian subforum) so with your permission I'm going to translate your message: "Huawei Ascend P2 I like Poweramp so much that I joined the testing to lend a hand with v3.0, and I found a bug when showing the configs (they look transparent or under the cover), I don't find the Dolby config and we are awaiting the Spanish translation". I have to say I don't understand the bit about the configurations looking transparent or under the covers, though. Do you refer to the icons to access the three-dot menu,
  13. Ankur, I understand why you want this feature, but really it doesn't make sense to add an speaking clock to a music player, it just doesn't belong to it. I'll give you another example, much more related with music playing but which wouldn't make sense either: I would love if PA detected where I am (my location, I mean) and if I'm on the gym, switch automatically to a playlist named "gym" or even better, only play music with high tempo and rhythm, automatically. Or monitor my heart rate with an activity bracelet so it detects I fell asleep and turns down the volume of the music gradually...
  14. Yuls, can you add an SD card to the parrot device and move as many apps as you can there? That way maybe you have enough space to install the Google Play Services, activate Poweramp and then move the apps back, or something like that. Also, if you feel more comfortable writing in Spanish, I'm from Spain too and you can send me a private message. Mind you, my knowledge about these things is quite limited, so maybe it's better to try to write in English here and get more elaborate and quality replies
  15. Jeremy, Andre is not the developer of Poweramp, he just helps (A LOT) in these forums. There aren't any employees, either, development is only in the hands of Max.
  16. Ankur, if you activate Google Now and the possibility of "speaking" to Google Now when the phone is locked, you can actually ask your phone for the time. Depending on your particular phone brand and model it may more or less difficult to activate Google Now Launcher and activating the voice commands through the headphones, so I can't help you there. Another option already was suggested by Andre: use an app that does that, there must be plenty of them. I wouldn't like that kind of functions to PA, and it doesn't belong there, it's not a natural function for a music player, it's just sheer
  17. Andre, as far as I know, this article-removing doesn't happen in song titles, so even if it's correct in English (is not my mother tongue, I won't argue that), it only happens for Artists and Albums. That's confusing, having one kind of sort for some items, another sort for others. And brackets doesn't seem to be removed, at least on my phone but maybe I'm not recalling it correctly, maybe it only happens only with song names too. Maybe other languages are supported, I don't know. Probably if I switch my phone language to Spanish I will have Spanish articles removed (even though I don't t
  18. I suspect the problem is the font size used in the notification area. Is the same font used on the widget? I mean, if I select a smaller font on the widget, would this be fixed? If the font is operating system default, then my only hope is Poweramp fixing this, which shouldn't be difficult, it's just a matter of computing the ascent and descent of the font and space things accordingly. Of course, Android being Android, it can lie about that information, making this problem unfixable... Let's see if some other user can reproduce it, otherwise I'll try to change the widget font. Thanks
  19. Andre, this is not the worst thing Google has done with Android. Frankly, I don't know how one can write an Android app and keep sanity, taking into account the enormous amount of stupid behaviours Android presents (and that without mentioning the fact that EVERY vendor tweaks Android for their products creating a whole variety of new and interesting bugs). I fully agree with you, Andre, totally bonkers.
  20. Andre, I have to dissent here. That's correct in English, and only if you don't consider the article as part of the name, which is a quite subjective matter. For people like me, who have tags in many languages (including English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, etc.) this is NOT the correct way of sorting at all. The only way of sorting which works for all languages is one which doesn't consider any word special, or one which allows the user to specify the set of words which should be ignored when sorting. I posted a suggestion a week ago or so, related to this problem. If you only have tags
  21. Hi! The "mini player" which appears in the notification area shows the song title with the lower part cut. The descent of some letters (well, those letters having a descent, actually) appears cut, like shown in the attached image. As you can see, both the "y" and the "g" in the song title appear cut. Maybe my phone is lying about screen density, font size or whatever, but I was wondering if someone can reproduce this in Android Lollipop. My terminal runs stock Android 6.0.0, is a BQ Aquaris A4.5, part of the AndroidOne program. I'm using Poweramp latest (586) full version. Befor
  22. I can confirm that this 586 version fixes the problem for me, on an AndroidOne device, namely the BQ Aquaris 4.5 running Android 6.0.0. I had an intermitent problem with some test files I prepared to check this bug but they're now gone so I think that the album art cache was not completely erased when I tested it. So, for me at least, I consider this bug fixed. Max, thanks a lot, big kudos!! Andre, thanks for your help And Max, allow me to insist: if you need me to test anything on my phone, just ask.
  23. Yes, I knew but I forgot to tell here. I already bought the full version and since then I've tried the alpha a couple of times without problems. Thanks!
  24. This warning is not issued by PA, but by Android, and if I recall correctly it's even mandatory in Europe. And yes, is annoying, but you can't get rid of it. In my terminal it is issued once every reboot. In my old Galaxy S3, it happened every time I plugged the headphones. Sorry, but there's no fix for that, specially from PA.
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