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Another album art display problem ...


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OK. So I finally downloaded V3 to test and found an album art issue. I use 'in folder' album art, all named 'cover.jpg', with a separate folder per album and nothing in the mp3 tags regarding the art. The current V2 Poweramp has no problems whatsoever with this. I have flashed many ROMs over the time I've had my Galaxy S4, from various CyanogenMod ROMs to AOSP to stock (ish ...) Touchwiz ROMs. None have had any problems at all and I rarely even have to tweak PA settings after a restore using Titanium Backup, except to point to my 'music' folder on my SDCard with Android 6 ROMs occasionally. Currently on an AOSP-based Android 6.0.1 ROM.

Basically, if PA is full screen with album art showing it's fine whilst on 'pause'. As soon as I hit 'play' the art disappears and only returns when I hit 'pause' again.

I have PA set to 'pause' the music when a headset is disconnected. This works and also causes the album art to be displayed again, as above.

However, I also have the PA large widget on one of my screens (4x5 is it?) and this always displays album art, whether the song is on 'pause' or 'play.


Anyone else seen this? 





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Weird. A few days after I posted this I started to get the audio visualisation instead of a blank screen where the album art used to be. No other changes were made ..... Anyway, I saw the thread regarding turning off visualisation and the album art is back. It's not obvious though .......

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