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general question abt the sound quality


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Hi everyone.

I have been checking out other android music players in the market and noticed some Poweramp users switched to mixzing becus of sound quality issue.(according to the user comments)

honestly, i ve tried mixzing myself but couldnt tell much difference. Maybe mixzing provides slightly better sound quality, but how is it possible? both Poweramp and mixzing have eq functions but what would make some ppl move from this app to that one with such aweful interface design?(strictly biased honest personal opinion btw.)

So my question is, is there a way for A music player to enhence sound quality of the music output without using eq function?? Maybe bunch of presets or auto-adjusting function would do the job?

But then it sounded like they were referring to the actual ability of the music player to extract sound more effectively. (Just like cowon mp3 player can produce far better sound quality than iriver or ipod)

so it would be much appreciated if someone can tell me the factors that contribute to the android phone music player's ability to improve the actual sound quality.

P.s: not trying to diss other apps. i just want to know what they r claiming is viable.

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For some users quality == loudness. PowerAMP is quieter by default because of it's powerful equalizer to avoid possible overloads. Other than that - for example, for mp3, non equalized decoders output is bit-to-bit the same (with very minor difference between codecs).


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