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Hi everyone!

I'm from Italy, I'm new here even if I'm using PA since years. IMHO it's the best player available so far.

I unlocked premium features, my OS is Android 5 and everything works fine.

I'm writing here to ask for an IMPORTANT feature to me. I hope this feature, I'm going to explain, will be helpful for everybody.

I use several BT devices, but Preset i assigned is not good for all of them. For example my 2.1 home theater in bedroom manages bass tones strictly in a different way like the one in living room or in my car.

So i'd happy to be able to assign to EVERY BT device a different preset, basing this on the name of devices.

I really hope you understand my request and apologize for my not-so-good english.

Many thanks and Merry Christmas to you!!


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