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Custom lock screen / system dialogue conflict (App Not Responding) → locked out of the phone

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Poweramp  2.0.10-build-582-play (Full Version)

Motorola Droid 4 (XT894 / maserati)

Android 5.1.1 - Cyanogen Mod 12.1 Nightly

(kernel 3.0.8-gd6d28c1, CynogenMod 12.1-20151211-NIGHTLY-maserati, SELinux Enforcing)


No logcat unfortunately, rebooted before I could access computer to go ADB, no other option to retrieve it as I was locked out of the phone (see below).


Short description: Custom lock screen not allowing me to tap overlaying system dialogue (another application not responding).


I'm running on low system resources (RAM under 1GB with Android 5.1.1, I usually have under 100MB free) and the problem happened after I had another app unresponsive, getting the system stuck. After a minute or two of the stuck app not redrawing and phone not responding at all (happens sometimes in my setup), the screen went completely black but was still illuminated and was responding to taps by illuminating buttons (meaning the OS understood I'm tapping the screen, but didn't assign any action to it; buttons have 5s illumination timeout) → phone didn't "sleep" yet. Phone wouldn't even respond to the Power button press. Poweramp was still playing in background. After some time, the screen finally went off completely.


After that I could wake phone again (by pressing Power) with the Poweramp's custom lock screen not accessible when system App not responding dialogue is overlaying it, but couldn't tap the dialogue either. The phone correctly responded to plugging/unplugging the wired headset (starting/stopping the music), to headset button (Play/Pause) and even took screenshots (short press of Power+VolDn), but tapping the screen wouldn't do anything anywhere, even though buttons got illuminated after tap. Even after unplugging my headset (both with screen on and off) and series of screen off/on (Power button) the Poweramp's lock screen wouldn't go away. During this, more processes went not responding and dialogues stacked up, including "Process system" and "Poweramp", even though Poweramp's background processes apparently worked as it played AND redrawn the lock screen accordingly (with only very little lag).


My phone is a QWERTY slider and it even re-drawn to landscape/portrait upon sliding keyboard out/in, but wouldn't focus neither the ANR dialogue nor Poweramp when locked by Poweramp's custom lock screen.

That resulted in having to force-restart the phone (Power+VolDn long hold) to get out of the lock screen/ANR combo.


See screenshots (specific music information including album arts removed for privacy; you can see there are three different songs playing with different durations) : http://android.lhalda.cz/Poweramp/

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Sounds like the whole phone was running out of resources and apps were stopping all over the place. I would say all bets are off as to what will respond and what won't (and certainly that sort of situation could not be easily reproduced and debugged). As you've said, you are trying to run a lot more than that device was ever really designed for, and I know Max has said in the past that he can't test or support all the unofficial ROMs out there.


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I totally understand that, I know I'm usually on the edge of my phone's capabilities.

What I'd like to achieve here is to have the Poweramp's custom lock screen give over the priority for controlling the touchscreen to system dialogues that draw over it. This has happened to me more often lately, but usually plugging off the headphones while screen off would be enough to get out of the deadlock as it'd disable Poweramp's lock screen in favor of the system one. Still, being able to press "OK" to kill the lagging app would be a nicer and faster solution :)

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