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Album list remembers scroll position of last album viewed.

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I found a feature(?) that frustrates me where the album track list remembers its scroll position when navigating between albums.
Enter album list view.
Select an album with many tracks (more than can fit on one screen) to see list of tracks.
Scroll down to view tracks near bottom of list.
Press back to return to album list.
Select another album with many tracks.
>List is partially scrolled. Expect to be at start of list.
It is common experience to enter an album view at the top of the list and see the first track of the album.
Workflow which demonstrates this as a problem:
Scroll through tracks in an album.
Select another album (maybe some time (days) later.
Press fist track in list.
>Expect first track of album to play but may be a later track.


I have also reported this at https://docs.google.com/forms/...



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Yes, I can reproduce this bug, in all list types. I'll pass the info on to the dev.

Poweramp is meant to be able to remember the position within the current list if you return to that same list, not to a different list. You can turn the feature off in the meantime via Poweramp Settings > Folders and Library > Lists > Keep List Scroll Position, which will mean all lists will display at the top.


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This is continuing for me and I cannot see that  Settings > Folders and Library > Lists > Keep List Scroll Position does anything to help. The steps to reproduce are: 1. Open an Album list with a lot of songs and scroll to bottom, 2. Exit that list and go to another, seeing the list is at the bottom, 3. Scroll to the top of this list, 4. Go to the original list and see that the scroll position is at the top. 5. Change Keep List Scroll Position setting and repeat steps 1-4, seeing that the behaviour is the same.

All very annoying with Baroque and other types of music with long track listings. 

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