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Skipping Songs

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Ok so I bought a new 128gb sd card that I know my phone can take.


I put the audio on it I wanted (The same files as on the old 64gb sd card) For ages it kept not being able to listen to the files without the "Too many failed files, playing will stop now" error coming up. WIth a bit of google trouble shooting I know now I was somehow corrupting the files by trying to play them while the device was still plugged into the computer (LG G4 btw).


I thought great all sorted right...

Well no



Now with a lot of the songs I've added (Nearly all of them) After about 8 seconds of playing back a song it skips onto the next song. Nearly always. As which you can imagine is a lot of a pain. No idea why?


Is there a setting I've missed and accidentally turned on?


Thanks for any help in advance!


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Try putting the old 64GB card back in and see if the problem persists there too. If it does, probably some setting has been changed. If not, it's more likely related to the new card (perhaps read speed, or the larger file system causing seek issues?)


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