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Bug of cover display in "Albums" menu view

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on my LG G3 (D855), 5.0 Lollipop Cloudy (based ROM stock), when i launch Poweramp and go in albums selection (in main menu), i open a song of any albums, i play the song but when i return in album list, i scroll speed and 3/4 albums covers not appear :mellow:


So i try return on main menu and re-select album section and all albums covers does not appear :o

this problem is not fix by restart Poweramp, sometimes it reappears constantly bug for a while and then everything returns to normal, this bug is random enough priory ..


I don't know if its depend of the ROM (i am on Cloudy, its based on stock LG ROM, so very close to the base AOSP) or depend of read methoc & read strategy of Lollipop android system file.. or lollipop audio system managment.. i don't know.


An idea ? :)



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