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Digital clipping on Samsung Galaxy S5, Android 5.0

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  • Poweramp 2.0.10-build-581-play (Full Version)
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900i)
  • Android 5.0

I get horrible clipping since upgrading(??) to Android 5.0. Any equaliser or tone settings cause it, I don't even have it up that loud. 


I do not get clipping when I use the internal player ("Music"). The interface is terrible but.




Please fix me!!!




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Turn the pre-amp gain down in the equaliser (especially if you have any other gain controls set to positive values). You can also see if using the Limiter helps or makes the problem worse.



Thanks for that suggestion Andre. I've tried every combination off settings and I can think of, still get clipping. Standard "music" app on the phone doesn't, even with the same equaliser settings, and since I can also use it stream on my network via Wifi Poweramp no longer has any utility for me.

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