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Delete Artist(s) and/or Multiple Songs at once from Playlist?


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Hi all.  It seems like my problem would have an easy fix.  What I want to do is create a playlist with specific grenre's by removing artists that are a part of other genre's.  My current list has over 700 songs, and I would like to remove about 200 of them, which are made up of about 10-15 artists.  So what I would like to do is remove these 200 songs from this playlist without having to do them one at a time.  I figure I could:

  1. Filter by artist and delete them that way
  2. Somehow long press, or something along those lines, to give myself the option of choosing multiple items, and then delete that way
  3. Connect to the computer somehow (I've never done this before, I'd rather avoid it if possible)

Is this possible?



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Poweramp is the best android music player but can i suggest you use a dedicated playlist manager for managinv playlists?. I have developed New Playlist Manager,http://www.playlistmanager.webspace.virginmedia.com/npm/ which integrates with Poweramp. It has lots of functionality but specifically it has a create custom playlist feature which may make your life easier.

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