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Sound glich after every call on bluetooth

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i have upgraded my phone from htc m7 to galaxy 6

and now every time i listen to music on eney bluetooth device and there is a call after the call ends there is a glich the volume jumps up and down fast

the only fix i found is to close the player and open it agian till the next call

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I have the same or similar issue. On LG-L41C running Android 4.4.2, after receiving a call, whether I answer or not, the volume is very quiet, so I use the hardware volume button and music volume jumps back to normal, except then, it sounds like the limiter is compressing every peak in the frequency spectrum. Only thing I've found that fixes it is to reconnect to the BT receiver.

Had this phone since February 2015, but this issue started this year.

Edit: I "upgraded" to a Galaxy Core Prime, used Poweramp V3-alpha most of the time I had the Samsung. Long story short, I smashed the Samsung, went back to the LG running Poweramp v2, and now the audio glitches as the OP described, but only after answering an incoming call while on bluetooth, declining incoming calls or making outgoing calls doesn't affect the audio.

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