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Poweramp freezes on Lollipop

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Poweramp version:  2.0.10-build-579-play

Android Version:  Lollipop (5.0.2)

Device:  Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 (SM-T530NU)


Tablet recently upgraded to Lollipop; after upgrade, Poweramp will occasionally freeze while playing music.  By freeze, I mean that the music does not play and the notification icon/player control does nothing.  Other functions (accessing settings, rescanning library) appear to work, but the music does not play.  I can select another track (and the album art changes), but the elapsed time does not change and the newly selected track does not play.


Killing the process through the task/application manager does not solve the issue; when Poweramp restarts, it is still frozen.  The only way I have found to get music playing again is to restart the device (it is possible that there is another process responsible for playing the music that is causing the problem, but I haven't found which one to restart).


Issue is unfortunately intermittent; I have noticed no pattern in when this happens (it happens on different files that then play fine after the restart; Poweramp has been running for different lengths of time when the freeze happens, etc).


Music files are played from 64 GiB MicroSD card (total of 10GiB of MP3 files on card).


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Please check your SD card. Android freezes internally when bad block is accessed.
Poweramp is more sensitive to the bad blocks on sd cards due to the highly optimized songs scanner and wider range of checked files on sd card.
Such sd card issue is better to be fixed early, as it can cause serious data loss.

- check your sd card for errors on computer
- try to backup sd card then reformat and restore
- try another sd card


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