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  1. Changelog: - even more improved track state saving during bluetooth connection - MusicFX is disabled by default now for Sony @ Lollipop (as it's broken there) - 578: improved track state saving during bluetooth connection - 578: better 3rd party skin failures handling - 578: few other minor fixes - 575: fixed rare issue with compressed id3v2 tags - 574: improved stability @ Lollipop - 574: fixed issue with tag scanner crashing on some incorrect tags (huge thanks to Saurabh Arora, who helped investigating the issue) - 574: added workaround to skip wbmp album art as it crashes Android in
  2. I downloaded the new Android Lollipop for my Sony Xperia Z1. Since doing so I can launch the app, and the app runs, but when I hit play...no music. It says it's playing, but nothing comes out of the speakers. With or without headphones. Anything I can do to fix this, please? Cheers, Fluffyhayden
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