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Latest versions break headset controller pause button

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In the last version(s) of Poweramp it has broken my pause button on my headset control. I use headset button controller to perform the following actions. Pause/Play for middle button. Volume Up/Down on vol buttons using short presses and Skip/Prev track on long presses.


In the latest Poweramp you have now given the option to Pause/Play on single press or Skip using double click and Prev track using triple click. This interferes with my Headset Button Controller settings. If I press pause it works fine. But a single click to resume no longer resumes. If I turn off Headset Button Controller entirely and allow Poweramp to control the headset buttons it works but I can no longer skip tracks with the MUCH easier long press of the Next/Prev buttons. Double clicking and triple clicking pause is fiddly and I don't want that action. However if I disable Poweramp's headset controls I am no longer able to use the headset buttons. If I disable Headset Button Controller I am stuck with Poweramp's fiddly method. If I have both enabled I can only pause or sometimes double click the Pause/Play button to resume (it does not always do that though).


Please can I have an option to have it work the way it did BEFORE you added extra headset button options (I.E. controlled by Headset Button Controller and NOT by Poweramp)?


Thank you.


EDIT: OK this is weird. I installed a build 569 from last year and it still does it. However if I open thr main ap the puase/play button functions as expect. However f I exit Poweramp and leave the service running in the background it does not resume. It allows me to pause and if I press the button to resume I hear a beep and briefly see the 'Beats Audio' icon appear in the status bar. But nothing else.


Any ideas? I have not updated my custom ROM for ages so don't know why this is happening now.


EDIT2: I also tried an older version of Headset Button Controller. Neither fixed the problem. I can only resume playback using the middle button with the Poweramp main app open or by disabling Headset Button Controller. :(


Because of this can you please add an option to long press Next/Prev tracks on the volume buttons?

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I eventually figured out the problem. Headset Button Controller needs to have Poweramp specified as the app to control. If I set it to 'Currently running player' it screws up. This is because Poweramp does not operate as a foreground app when it is not open on the screen. Ideally Poweramp would have better support for 3 button headset controllers (There is no volume control option in Poweramp for instance).

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I asked Max about this a long time ago and he was rather reluctant to make manufacturer-specific changes which require root access to function.

I only really wanted to change the operation of two extra buttons on my Samsung phone to act as track controls rather than volume controls (why switch them to volume, Samsung? There are already hard buttons on the phone for that) and I ended up doing it myself by manually editing the system key access control file (not difficult as it turned out, it's a plain text file, but it does need root).


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