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All Song Ratings & Playlists lost!

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Poweramp: 2.0.10 build: 578

Device: Samsung Galaxy Wífi 4.2

Android: 2.3.6





i have a big problem and i hope somebody can help me with this.

i rated about 5000 songs and had a few nice playlists i never want to miss.

then i accidently unchecked the music folder where all my songs in it (ext. sd card)

an rechecked it again.


after that, all song ratings and play lists are gone.

i rated the songs over a few years, that was many work and i dont have the time to do this again.

is there a way to "safe" all this ratings? :(


(sry for my english - im german)


greetz Nik



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At present, no, the ratings are stored in a Poweramp database and unfortunately not in the music files themselves. A full backup of the app with something like Titanium Backup would probably have saved your ratings, but that needed to be done before they were lost of course. Sorry!


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