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Playback order in Folder view

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Power Amp:  build-573

Mobile:          Motorola Moto-G x1032

Android:        K.K. 4.4.2

Custom:        Stock Rom, Faux Kernel


To reproduce it:
- Put a folder to play
- Select "Repeat List", for example.
- Go to folder view and choose another folder to play (Not playing a song within the folder, but using the menu>"play" or "shuffle" instead).

~The new folder starts playing but the playback order is reseted to "Advance list" instead of remaining as it was before. I thought it was to sort a problem with hierarchy mode, taking into account that when a subfolder finishes the next one will be played. But, if I set the playback to repeat after it was changed to advance list then all the "subfolder songs" are played without problem.

( Btw, if you do choose a song instead of playing a folder, the playback order remains intact. )


In the other hand, using the Library mantains the playback order if you select "play/shuffle" on another artist.
My question is if this is the intended behaviour or a bug in this particular case.




Thanks for the awesome player! and sorry for the bad english.

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Sorry, I can't reproduce this. If I've selected 'Repeat List' on the player screen and set a song playing, no matter how I then launch a new folder (either by long-pressing on the folder image and pressing Play, or Long-press and then Shuffle) the player screen remains Repeat List mode when the new track starts playing.


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Dunno what to say, it keeps resetting to the advance list order when a new folder is played. But, as  I said is only when playing a new folder; neither when selecting a file inside nor when using the library view.

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