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Crash in folders and library

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New Trace collected :


Poweramp Error Report, collected on: Tue Feb 24 17:49:06 GMT+08:00 2015



Version: full version

Unlocker: 2-build-26

Store: Play

Skin: 81060051 /data/app/com.ikorolkov.Poweramp.skins.material-1/base.apk

Device: samsung SM-N9005 MSM8974 hlte hltezh armeabi-v7a armeabi

Installer: null

Android: 5.0 LRX21V.N9005ZSUGOA5.DM en_US

Fingerprint: samsung/hltezh/hlte:5.0/LRX21V/N9005ZSUGOA5.DM:user/release-keys

Thread: 1 main

Stack :


java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: OutOfMemoryError thrown while trying to throw OutOfMemoryError; no stack available

**** End of current Report ***

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I use a Galaxy Note 3 and don't have this problem, no crashes at all for me, so it's probably not a hardware-specific issue. I'm on stock ROM, but rooted and using a custom kernel in case that helps. Regular Poweramp default skin.


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