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Sort Playlist by Multiple Columns


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I've noticed in the playlist that the sorting is a bit strange and cannot be changed except for 1 criterion at a time. I'd like to sort first by artist, then by album, followed by track number. If I sort by album, it seems to sort automatically by artist, followed by album, followed by track name alphabetically which messes up the order of the songs on the album, and I'm anal about stuff like that.


Besides this, Poweramp has been my favorite media player on android. Thanks!

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To manage playlists, it is perhaps best to use a dedicated tool such as 

New Playlist Manager





It provides functionality where you can build your own custom querys from selected mp3 tags (Album Artist Included!!) as well as sorting this playlist in any way you like.

The app integrates with Poweramp in that it shows the Poweramp specific Rating and Times Played tags. Export to m3u format and you are ready to go.

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