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Incorrect handling of remote controls

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I tried to use my Garmin Vivosmart together with Poweramp on Samsung Galaxy S3. However, Poweramp understand command only as stop/start music.

Default music player correctly handle other command: next track, previous track, volume level.


Please correct Poweramp behaviour, if this is possible. Do not hesitate to ask me required information regarding this bug.


Android 4.4.4

Latest Poweramp from Google store


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Hello, thanks for the report. The problem here is that to Poweramp any remote (or local) media device controls are the same - the API is completely implemented by Android and Poweramp just receives what button is pressed. Those commands are standartized and are the same across any android and "remote" device (which includes bluetooth device, wired headset and event Android default lockscreen media controls - to Poweramp those are all the same).


What is interesting in your case is that stock player works for you, as stock player uses the same API, this means something blocks Poweramp from receiving those events. Does Poweramp react on Play/Stop with beep? 


Also, volume controls processing is 100% Android, Poweramp doesn't process remote volume commands.

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About volume control: yes, processing works correctly (by Android)

About Play/Stop: no beep.

Also, Poweramp correctly handles controls from lockscreen. Probably, this is a bug in Garmin Connect application. Do you have some trace file to log remote commands?

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We can't reproduce this issue, seems to be related to the specific ROM you're using. Comparing to the other players, Poweramp supports MediaRouter API, which is known to be badly implemented in some earlier CM variants, thus I would advise:

- disable MediaRouter API in Poweramp settings - Misc - Tweaks - Disable Route Output Button (Poweramp restart required after this)

- try to update your ROM to newer release



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