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Associate playlist files/shortcuts with PowerAMP


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I have some playlist files (.m3u) stored in my SD, but when I open them with a file manager, Poweramp doesn't open the playlist, it fails and gives an error message.

Also, if I create a playlist shortcut in one of my desktop screens, it will open in the default Android player, not in Poweramp.

It would be good if playlist files and shortcuts could be associated with Poweramp, so that Poweramp starts automatically when they are opened/executed.

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I save .m3u files with every rip, mp3 and FLAC. After coping a folder over, I want to be able to select the .m3u file and press play. andLess supports FLAC and .m3u, and it's free. It just doesn't have all the bells and whistles that Poweramp has.

As much as I like Poweramp, .m3u support is the only thing holding me back from purchasing it. I'll check back when v2.0 comes out. :)

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