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Last letter of Album Title missing in 'Albums' & 'Artist Albums'

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I've been using Poweramp on an S4 for a couple of years now and other than the lack of an 'Album Artist' sorting feature, I've had no complaints. 


Android File Transfer has been pretty reliable in transferring my AAC files, but I just noticed that one album is missing the LAST letter of the Album Title, and it ONLY happens on the 'Albums' & 'Artist Albums' pages (I double checked tags, deleted the album in question & transferred it back to my SD card -- same problem). When I play the actual file, however, the title reads accurately. Here are some screens:




I'm thinking it could be an issue with the files themselves, but I rip & tag all my music with the same settings (using XLD & Kid3 tagger on Mac) and this is the only time this has ever happened. Anyone know what's going on?

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