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How to make skin support both 5.0+ and 5.0- android version

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Do I need to upload two different APKs in order to support 5.0+ and 5.0- ?

because ant dist-shared only works on 5.0+

And ant dist have problem on 5.0+ when using user's style as parent in some styles.

I notice in skin_custom_rules.XML the different of dist and dist-shared is the --shared-lib aapt manipulator.

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Provided that you updated your Android SDK (as described here: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/5047-poweramp-apiskin-sdk-update-2014-11-15/) and the Poweramp Skin SDK, you can build skin (or update existing skin) to support both cases.


The problem with Lollipop skin handling is that they "reserved" the attribute inheritance, Poweramp skins was using previously. This makes styles derived from other skin styles not possible for Lollipop and all such styles should be manually "un-packed".


We provided example for both cases in skin sdk. You may want to check this file:




and compare it vs this one:





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