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power amp and ext sd card scan

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i have been a Poweramp fan since my first run of amp, never really had any problems except this..

has happened to my S4(kit kat) and now my note 2 (jellybean)


i transfer music to ext. sd card via windows explorer, windows media player and even tried kies. all music is shown thru pc, and my android file browser, but when i do a rescan, it seems to delet half my music. leaves folders intact like ext.SD/Music/minor threat/ (root of this folder is empty)


before scan there wa 13 mp3's and played before scan.

i have done this many times to no avail. my ext.sc card is a samsung 32 gig (orance one) micr SD the size of files all together is about 8 gigs of music. seems to only copy 3.8 gigs. i know fat32 only supports 4gig files but for that to be a issue it has to be one file righ t?


so i guess is there a fix or am i just the only one? thanX in advance

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well I did it again and files are gone .same place same folders. pc plays them and system player plays them as well. when Poweramp finishes it scan. files are there until I try yo play them. they are all .mp3 files so I dont understand. guess time to find a new player?

please anyone lol. can't stand no music.

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Are you saying that the actual MP3 files are being physically deleted from your memory card whenever Poweramp does a full scan? I can't see how that is possible, Poweramp should not be able to do that.

Or are you saying that Poweramp displays them all in the Library list but it can't subsequently play them, although all the MP3 files are still present on the memory card when you check with a file explorer?

If the latter, try putting your music (or a decent amount of it anyway) on the device's internal memory as a test and see if you have the same issue.

Is it always the same tracks which cause the problem, or does it vary?

It might also be worth trying the latest version of Poweramp (download from the first sticky post in the Common Talk forum).


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