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BPM playlists for fitness practicers


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Hello all,

I bought and use regularly Poweramp. I run quite often and have been looking for apps able to generate music at certain bpm to help motivation and keep running pace.

Then I thought why not having Poweramp check BPM's of the Music Library and create playlists based on BPM and Music Style.

I think this would really be super-intuitive and a big plus. There are lot of noob or buggy apps out there and lot of people are asking for something like this.

A playlist can be created with links to files on the Lib that match both BPM and Style. One could play those playlists or even randomize on them. Poweramp could mix down tracks.

It would be really useful and fun.

Hope you consider the (fun and commercial) potential of this idea/feature !

Thanks !

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