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  1. Hi, I'm trying to activate again the new version, but it doesn't work, at first I was getting an error "no more activations left" or something like that, now it still won't activate and don't show any error, I sent an email to support, but never got any answers, can somebody help me?
  2. Something I've learned from music production is you'll never finish a project. Unless Max has been coding GTA 6 inside Poweramp all this time, I can't see a good reason not to release it, other than he abandoned this community, what's sad
  3. It is taking so long that the excuses you give us, don't even make sense anymore
  4. I think people just want to remind we still care about the app
  5. Probably, but I'm sure a few screenshots coming from Max would be really appreciated by the community.
  6. Do not set a date if you can't make it. Make it, and then set the date
  7. repoflor

    Poweramp alpha-build-703/704

    This might help you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cutoff_frequency https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sample_rate_conversion
  8. repoflor

    Poweramp alpha-build-703/704

    The Poweramp buttons on the Android lockscreen doesn't work with my zenfone 5 [LP]. They're there, but don't do anything.
  9. repoflor

    Minha opinião!! I like!!

    Looks like Max has used the Google Translator and Andre is the brazilian guy hahaha.
  10. How can i know if my device has hi-res support? Running zenfone 5 lollipop
  11. repoflor

    Poweramp alpha-build-700

    Just tryied to overtop the runnig version, it couldn't install. This are the messages I get when overtop and when reinstall.
  12. repoflor

    Poweramp alpha-build-700

    When downgrade I did hard reset, To reinstall was my first try, didn't work. So I'm back to the previous version and waiting for the next release.