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"Most Played" - playlist - error - bug

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Hello once again! i dont know if there was a topic like this. Ok either way here it goes. In the default playlists of Poweramp you have the "Most Played" one. In my case, it's very usual that the songs in top of that playlist are wrong. For example yesterday I wanted to started to ear the music that I listen to most and the "most played" one played more than 180 times! Impossible! Never listen to that song. The second one 120 times!! Maybe I listen to that 10 times?! but just maybe... The top 10 (or more) musics in that playlist are all wrong...


I use the Last FM scrobble and according to the statistics in their official page, my most played music is "Van Halen - Panama" - 25 times! 


ok. Do you have any explanation for this?! it's a frequent bug? Any sugestion? Thank you very much.



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