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Album arts won't show if the "Song Change gesture" is disabled...

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In Settings, Look and Feel, Player UI, if I choose to DISABLE the Song Change Gestures, and if I press on the album art of the current song playing (to download an HQ album art, or to put one where there was none, or whatever the reason actually), IT WILL NOT APPLY IT INSTANTLY, I need to either close Poweramp OR to enable that feature for the player to show the new album art.


However, if this option is ENABLED, the new album art will show automatically, which is a total non-sense to me.


My issue comes with the fact that when this feature is enabled, I WAY MUCH TOO OFTEN change the song playing while I DO NOT want to, which drives me crazy.


Is it any possible that this bug could be fixed asa-freakin'-p, so I could change my album arts without constantly switching the playing song by mistake?


Thanks in advance.



EDIT:  Was using version 556, just updated to 557 and the problem still shows.

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Since I paid for this app, which is plain OK – I love to encourage and support the devs, I was kind of expecting in return a little support here in case of bug(s).

Most likely, I was dreaming...

At least, I would have expected an answer, even one just to say that somebody's working on it, or so...

Looks like my expectations were way too high...

Actually, not only did I submit this post but on top, I followed the instructions on "how to report a bug", but got nothing back, whatsoever.

I don't think I've been impolite here or whatever that should deserve me a "no-answer-back" type of (non)-response.

Dev must either be very busy to not even take the time to say a little something or (s)he elected to ignore me.

Love it...

Thank you so much for your help and support !

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Hello again Mr dash-dash-dash-underscore-underscore-underscore-dash-dash-dash (how exactly do you pronounce that?). Thanks for your report from a couple of days ago.

Yes, I've checked and I see the same thing as you - i.e. if both Song Change Gesture and List Change Gesture are turned off, then any new downloaded album art does not display until you refresh the track too (just moving forward a track and then back again will do it). If you do have either of the Gesture modes enabled, the new artwork is correctly displayed immediately upon choosing it.

I have those two features disabled too by the way, as I find the main player buttons below the artwork do a perfectly good job of changing songs/albums without the increased potential of doing so by accident.

Not sure whether this buglette falls within your "asa-freakin'-p" category of bug fixes though, I suspect it might be considered slightly lower priority than that.


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