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It seems that PA remembers the last EQ preset used for a qiven song, which is a godsend....a much needed feature, however, I ran into a situation in which I bought a new headset and had to create a new preset for it and found myself having to select the new preset for each and every song.  This became unacceptably tedious and aggrivating.  Is there a way to override the EQ preset for a given song so that it uses a new one without having to select it for every song?


Here is the way I would like to see the EQ presets work:


1.  Default preset enable - specify a default preset for all songs not associated with a preset


2.  Preset disable - disable the preset association entirely.  Use the current EQ settings for all songs


3.  Preset override - ability to select a preset that will be applied for each song


4.  Assign preset or current EQ settings - ability to assign a preset to a song and the assignment remembered each time the song is played.  In the event no preset is used, the current EQ settings will be remembered and used each time the song is played until either 1) the preset association is deleted, or 2) a new preset is assigned



The situation I have described above is common for a lot of people I know and is a major problem for us since we own a collection of headphones and IEMs.  It would  be nice (and even expected) to be able to use a different IEM, select the appropriate EQ preset and simply enjoy the music.


Are the preset features documented anywhere so that I can better understand how it works?



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