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  1. no answer, huh. that's what I figured. well, let me just go look it up in the user's guide. oh, that's right. THERE IS NONE. and no help here. time to hit the eject button.
  2. It seems that PA remembers the last EQ preset used for a qiven song, which is a godsend....a much needed feature, however, I ran into a situation in which I bought a new headset and had to create a new preset for it and found myself having to select the new preset for each and every song. This became unacceptably tedious and aggrivating. Is there a way to override the EQ preset for a given song so that it uses a new one without having to select it for every song? Here is the way I would like to see the EQ presets work: 1. Default preset enable - specify a default preset for all songs no
  3. I have the same problem but my card remains in the phone. I sync MM with the phone just fine, and the new playlist I added is there in the folder named playlist, but media monkey does not add it to the list by rescanning - no even full rescan works. So I have to import all all of the playlists which creates duplicates that I then have to remove. Man, can someone shed some light on this problem?
  4. Thank You Andre for the fast reply. That does infact fix the problem. aside from that one issue I find Poweramp to be perfect for the way that I want to listen to music. Excellent product. Again, my thanks.
  5. Oh...and another thing. I actually bought Poweramp. 3.99 is what it cost me. And you know what? I would have gladly paid an extra dollar just to have the user's guide accompany it. The time and aggrivation I went through today fighting with this.......application, would have justified the added cost 10 times over.
  6. Hi Everyone, Would much rather look in a user's guide to find and explination or answer, but of course there is none. So anyway.... When I first started using Poweramp, it made sense. Almost. If nothing else, at least it played the songs as intended. You know - you create a playlist with your favorite songs, carefully placed in the order in which you want to hear them...and life is good. And that's how it was....in the beginning. I would select a playlist and begin listening to the songs....one after another, and, at a whim, I could touch the playlist icon in the lower left of t
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