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  1. Thank You Andre for the fast reply. That does infact fix the problem. aside from that one issue I find Poweramp to be perfect for the way that I want to listen to music. Excellent product. Again, my thanks.
  2. Oh...and another thing. I actually bought Poweramp. 3.99 is what it cost me. And you know what? I would have gladly paid an extra dollar just to have the user's guide accompany it. The time and aggrivation I went through today fighting with this.......application, would have justified the added cost 10 times over.
  3. Hi Everyone, Would much rather look in a user's guide to find and explination or answer, but of course there is none. So anyway.... When I first started using Poweramp, it made sense. Almost. If nothing else, at least it played the songs as intended. You know - you create a playlist with your favorite songs, carefully placed in the order in which you want to hear them...and life is good. And that's how it was....in the beginning. I would select a playlist and begin listening to the songs....one after another, and, at a whim, I could touch the playlist icon in the lower left of the screen (just above the song's progress bar) and yep, you guessed it - the playlist would magically appear with the current song highlighted. Just as you would expect. And from there you could easily navigate up and down the list at jump to a new position within it. Perfect. But life doesn't always happen the way we want to, and software will forever be flawed. I should know. I have been writing it for 30 years now. So yeah, I know how that goes. Anyway, at some point, and I don't exactly know when, the icon in the lower left corner of the now playing screen changed. Changed into a treble cleft, to be exact. And with that change, so the behavior off the application changed. Now when I press the icon, it bring me to a list of what appears to be EVERY blessed song....and in alphabetical order no less. Not the next song in the playlist. And this changes everything. Now,when I want to skip a song in the playlist, I must have to do the following: 1) tap icon in lower left corner 2) tap the library link in the lower right corner 3) tap the 'playlist' selection 4) select the actual playlist 5) painstakingly navigate to the desired song 6) repeat over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over..... Well, you get the picture. I really don't know why the icon in the lower left corner changed. I really don't. My guess is that I accidentally pressed something and the change was an unintentional side effect. So, to my way of thinking, to change it back, you simply go pressing everthing in sight until the playlist icon once again replaces the treble cleft. And I did this. As aggrivating as my day was today, I had to spend literally HOURS fighting this miserable application in an effort to play the songs the way it once did. I mean...I went through EVERY *&@$%$ menu, submenu, list, option and setting...and NOTHING. I sat there jamming my fingers all over the screen pressing everything in sight praying I would hit the magical combination to once more restore my application to its former behavior - to the point I thought I would break the screen....desperately trying to get my beloved playlist icon back. But.....no cigar. So, I thought to myself, "well, no biggie. I will just download the user's guide and spend the requisite time reading it in order to solve this problem". But, as we all know, that's not happening either. So here I am. 12:30 in the morning, typing in the forum in hopes that someone may be so kind as to shed some light on my problem. In short, my question is this: how do I change the treble cleft icon back into the playlist icon so that I can quickly pull up the selected playlist - positioned on the currently playing song, and in the order in which I created the list. Thank you so very much for whatever help you may be able to render me.
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