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License Verification failed : 500 invalid request code = 4

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My version of Poweramp was downloaded from powerampapp.com, purchase on 27th FEB, Running on a Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE XT897


It was running well until today, when it says Poweramp need to stop running as the verification is failed, i don't really remember what it said exactly.


I tried the restore purchase method, input the email I used to purchase Poweramp and the 7 digital Order ID


it says as below


APM response - 500 invalid request code = 4


so would anyone give me and idea about how I could deal with it please? or should I bring up any other information?


Any help would be very appreciated!



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Please see the FAQs at the top of the forums list, or email poweramp.maxmpz(at)gmail.com. Make sure you have the correct email address still registered in your phone. You could try downloading the latest version (APK file) from the first post in the Common Talk forum too.


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