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can not verify Poweramp

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Hi this is quite annoying/frustrating/not ok

i have a frequently problem that my power amp won't verify.


i have bought the full version and everything is in order.

sometimes it works and then the verify problem just comes out of nowhere again!!!


i bought because i was going to india and i am addicted to music.

but while traveling i had to use the sony walkman and not my newly bought Poweramp! i


cant get in contact with support the only thing i can do is to hope for a kind soul on this forum that can help me out!


I have been using words about Poweramp that if written here it would probably get me banned! I think that its very not good from there site!!




kind regards

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As far as I know, once Poweramp has verified its license online, it should not need to do so again unless you make major changes to your system such as clearing your app data, installing a new ROM, etc. However a number of users have reported in the past that validation seem to occur more often than that.

You could try uninstalling the Unlocker app, then reinstall it from the Google Play store (it's free to reinstall as long as you've purchased it once) and then let it authenticate over the next day or two.


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