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weird issue on Note3 over bluetooth

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I've searched everywhere and I cant seem to find an answer to this issue.

When I play tracks over bluetooth and Poweramp is running in the background I get an annoying pause between tracks. The track doesnt skip but the sound cuts out momentarily so it sounds like a skip. Its about a full second. It happens if I manually change tracks or if the track advances naturally. If I open the Poweramp app, and that screen is on and Poweramp is the active app in focus, the problem doesnt happen. Tracks switch smoothly. It also doesn't happen when I use headphones or the phone speaker. Only bluetooth.

I assumed it was a power issue but it happens even when charging. Maybe its cpu related. I'm completely out of ideas. I've increased the buffer and thread priority. Those don't help either.

Samsung Galaxy Note3

Poweramp: 2.0.9 build 550

Android 4.3 stock AT&T (rooted)

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Something similar happens to me, when I connect the phone (Galaxy s4 - android 4.3 Build I9505XXUEMK8) to the car player over bluetooth.

To me PA starts playing correctly when it connects but from time to time it gets by itself in pause or skips track. Sometimes also when I skip track or also the track ends and skips to next, the sound "disappears" even if the track keeps going on on the player...then I skip or push pause and play and sound reappears.I also tried with buffer and thread without results. Playing directly from the phone or else with headphones no problems at all.

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