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Buetooth and the Asus New Padfone (T004, A86)

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I have been using Poweramp on my Samsung Galaxy Note with Stock ROM and various Custom ROMs for a long time and never had any problems to use Poweramp via Bluetooth on my car stereo system (Toyota Yaris).


Now I have an Asus New Padfone (Padfone T004, A86) and nothing (besides playback and play/pause) works correctly.


There is no info about the track being played and, most annoying of all, changing the Volume pauses or unpauses playback. 


I have tried multiple combinations of the settings under "Bluetooth" (I guess I have tried all combinations :-) ) But nothing works.


Is there any way I can provide sone log information that would help clear the matter up?



I would be very grateful for any assistance!



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no problem, the Poweramp version is 2.0.9-build-550 and the Android version is 4.2.2 by Asus.

Please keep in mind that everything worked fine with Poweramp and this car stereo on Bluetooth on the galaxy note, so it's smattering a problem between Poweramp and Asus android version.

Playback via wired headset is ok and the volume control also works as expected.

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No idea what could be the problem? 


Let me again clarify:

I have used Poweramp on a Galaxy Note (1) with custom and stock ROMs with the same car stereo without any problem. Track number and  progress bar where not displayed on the stereo's display, but that did not matter to me.


On the Asus Padfone T004 with Asus Stock ROM and Poweramp 2.0.9-build-550 and 2.0.9-build-554 I get

- No info on the display whatsoever (I have tried all variations of the settings)

- Changing the volume will pause (or unpause) playback


Interestigly, With MixZing on the Padfone, changing the volume works correctly and it displays the track info (including track number and progress bar) correctly. 


Remote controls on wired headsets also work correctly.


Please help me out here as otherwise I will have to look for another player app and in all other areas, Poweramp is the best.

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