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Unable to purchase unlocker from Play Store-India


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Hi all,

I'm from India.

I'm unable to purchase the Poweramp Unlocker from the Play Store because it rejects my credit card details although I know that it is in completely working condition.

This seems to be a known issue while purchasing apps from India (ironical considering the high piracy rates!).

As a result I want to know whether I will be able to purchase the unlocker from Poweramp website and if I do so will I still be able to update the app from Play Store?

Also this app is available in the Play Store with a special price of Rs63 ($1) for India only. If I purchase from website do I have to pay the full amount i.e $3.99?

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@amardeep: Which bank's credit card are you using? Make sure it's a credit card, not debit.



Google Play is the best bet for Indians but that sucks too as it doesn't accept anything other than credit cards.

It was a hassle for me to buy on google play.I'm a student and I don't have a credit card.Neither does my dad.And the so called 'International Debit card' doesn't work without verified by visa/mastercard at the payment gateway.

I had to pay it with my Bro in law's credit card(Thank god my sis got married this year :D). I paid when the price was 120 INR but it was worth it.

And any news on Poweramp 3.0?


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@littleromeo Actually now that you say it, it's a debit card... Like you I too don't have a credit card. It's really strange because while making the purchase, it specifically says "Add credit OR debit card".

Anyway let's see if I can get hold of a credit card. I really need this app.

Thanks guys!

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