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Does this company have any kind of interactive tech support like a telephone number or a way to get a response?


I downloaded Poweramp on my Boost Samsung Transform Ultra phone and it worked fine for a while. Then it seemed to "get stuck" on one song and it froze. It wouldn't play and I couldn't get off that song. The on screen navigation worked inconsistently, e.g., I could go back to the playlist or library, but when I selected something else like another song to play, it reverted to the last song that was stuck there. It was to the point where it interfered with the usage of the phone in general and locked it up. At least once I had to resort to removing the battery from the telephone to kill Poweramp and regain usage of the phone.


I have posted and reported this problem on the Bugs forum, and in another category, but I have not seen any response or gotten any response from the Poweramp company. Finally I uninstalled and reinstalled, but it is still having this problem. I like the application, but when it doesn't work and there isn't a way to connect with tech support and get it resolved that's a problem. Any useful suggestions, tech support contact information, etc. would be most appreciated. 



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