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I just purchased Poweramp, by far the best player on the market.After using it for quite some days I would like to ask for a feature if its not already available.(So far looks like it isn't)

I organize my music by folders in hierarchy mode:


Subfolders: -Rock ; -Pop ; -R&B; -Metal etc

For each of these genres there are subfolders with artists names:



-Deep Purple



In each of these artists folders (who have no more subfolders but just songs), as folder image shows up a random album art from one of the songs in the folder.(usually the last edited one)

Is it possible to costumize this image or leave it BLANK, just the way it is by default? (without messing up with Player UI albumarts who work just fine)

If not, do you think its technically possible and would you please consider adding it going forward?


Thanks and keep up the great work!

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Poweramp generates and stores an image in each folder called albumart.pamp, which is just a JPEG file with the extension changed. There's no way to customize it inside of Poweramp, but if you supply your own artwork for each file -- replacing the albumart.pamp in each folder with your own JPEG file with the same name -- then it will show up in the folder browser. It will also appear in the main player view for tracks in that folder that don't have their own embedded album art. This is similar to the AlbumArt.jpg or folder.jpg files in Windows Explorer.

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