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Dumb Questions from a New User


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Just loaded some (mp3) song folders into the "Music" folder of my new Nexus 7 (2013).  Installed trial version of Poweramp and I see that it found and displayed my folders -- but it also displayed duplicates of these.  Not sure why --perhaps I loaded them twice ??.  I guess I could delete the duplicates.


In any case, where is the preferred place to load future music folders?


Also, will Poweramp play .wma format on my Nexus 7.  I've heard that .wma is not native to the Nexus 7.  Is there a way, or must I convert all my songe to .mp3?

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Hello from another Nexus 7 2013 owner,

Do NOT delete the duplicates. What you are seeing is the way google's feature for multiple users on the same tablet is implemented. You don't actually have 2 copies of the album on your storage, you have the music in 1 location and a "mirrored" version in another location that does not take up space.  If you delete either of these, the music disappears.


All you need to do is go to settings, and in music folders, uncheck one of the two locations for your Music folder (either one works, I personally keep the first one):




After this, you should only have 1 copy of each album listed in Poweramp.


If maxmp is reading this, it would be extremely helpful if this information was made a sticky, inserted into the app, or if a future update would only use 1 of the above 2 locations because I had to look online for the solution to this and I'd assume a less patient user would leave a 1 star review for this.

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Thanks.  Worked just fine.


My initial feelings regarding PA for N7 are very positive.  Lots of concern about N7 playing my .wma stuff (not native to N7).  Players like Google Play and PlayerPro do not play this format.  Thought I'd need to convert 5,000 songe to ,mp3.  Delighted to find that PA plays .wma on N7 just fine -- with great fidelity.

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