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  1. Recently started listening to (downloaded) podcasts via the Podcatcher app on my Nexus 7. Sound volume and quality are poorer than I would like. Since these podcasts are selected and stored stored on a folder within Nexus, I can option Poweramp to scan and add to my Folder and Library lists. Now I can play these podcasts via Poweramp and benefit from superior Equalizer and Preamp. Perhaps this is well known to most, but I thoiught I would share.
  2. I'm planning to place a large number of folders (perhaps 50, containing about 700 songs, with a total size of about 1GB) in the "Music" folder of my Nexus 7 (JellyBean 4.3.3). From the standpoint of Poweramp scanning and playback, is there a limit to number of folders or size that the "Music" folder can hold?
  3. When I view "Albums" in Library I see a collection of my albums in a 2-line format. The first line shows the name of the album in large font and the second line appears to show the name of the artist on the last track of the album, in smaller format. Any way of deleting or editing the second line without affecting the albums last track?
  4. New user, with PowewAmp added to Nexus7 (2013), JellyBean 4.3 I think I understand a "Playlist" and how to populate it. How is this different than a "Queue", and what is the purpose of "EnQueue"? How do most folks use these features? Simple questions -- seeking simple answers. Thanks
  5. After a brief trial I converted Poweramp to the unlocked version. Did this from GooglePlay -- no problems. So now I have both a "Poweramp" and a "Poweramp-Unlocker" icon on my Nexus 7 homescreen. Within my N7 Settings/Apps I see "Poweramp" (8.84 MB) and "Poweramp Full Version Unlocker" (332 KB). I need your recommendation as to which icon I should remove from my homescreen, and which app (if any) I should delete from my N7. Do I simply check the box "Hide unlocker icon from Launcher" and use the "trial" icon to start Poweramp Poweramp is working very well for me, and I don't want t
  6. There is an option to do this in folder-settings. Can pick the device folder(s) PA searches
  7. I think you are saying that to delete album cover I need to do two things: 1. Delete associated jpg from android/data/ _com.maxmpz.audioplayer/micro/xxxalbumcover.jpg 2. Remove embedded Album art from album song tags (using editor like Mp3tag) Will this work?
  8. How do I delete all album covers. album art. animations, etc. Where is this stored on my android (Nexus 7; JellyBean 4.3). All I want is the music, the lists, and the album titles!
  9. Thanks. Worked just fine. My initial feelings regarding PA for N7 are very positive. Lots of concern about N7 playing my .wma stuff (not native to N7). Players like Google Play and PlayerPro do not play this format. Thought I'd need to convert 5,000 songe to ,mp3. Delighted to find that PA plays .wma on N7 just fine -- with great fidelity.
  10. Just loaded some (mp3) song folders into the "Music" folder of my new Nexus 7 (2013). Installed trial version of Poweramp and I see that it found and displayed my folders -- but it also displayed duplicates of these. Not sure why --perhaps I loaded them twice ??. I guess I could delete the duplicates. In any case, where is the preferred place to load future music folders? Also, will Poweramp play .wma format on my Nexus 7. I've heard that .wma is not native to the Nexus 7. Is there a way, or must I convert all my songe to .mp3?
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