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how to edit scan location

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Hi all....

Have recently bought the Parrot Astroid Smart head unit. Its brilliant once you root the device.

Music player does not support flac... But there is an option for vlc player, which is not great at all.

I decided to sideload my Poweramp pro ( which i have paid for )

It works great... Only problem is parrot have renamed the path where all data is stored. I have used a app which remounts the drive to (mnt/sdcard) in order for Poweramp to be able to scan the device.

This way is not very pracitcal.... Which leads me to my next question.... Is it possible to change the path which Poweramp scans?

Thanks and please forgive my spelling.

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Thanks Andre for the speedy reply, but I think you have misinterpreted me. ( or it is more likely that I have not explained myself correctly)


I am aware that you can change which folder to search, but I need to change the path to the sdcard.


For some reason parrot has changed the file structure, which is " tmp/udev/dev/.mnt/sda1"


Is there some way I can change the script? 



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I guess the simplest solution would be a tickbox option to allow you to view the root level of your device (assuming you are rooted) so you can drill down to find any special folders that your device manufacture happens to have randomly created.


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Ahhhh.... That sounds perfectoooo.

Its a pity i havent a clue how to do this...

Please help Max... I will post on xda forum that Poweramp works with the parrot.... Alot of people would be glad to replace vlc in order to play flac.

Thanks Andre

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In regards to getting Poweramp to see the attached usb device (.../sda1) which parrot has hidden for some reason.

Have been reading how to get mxplayer to see a symbolic link to an attached usb device. https://devzone.parrot.com/boards/5/topics/show/605

I have created a symbolic link to the "mnt" folder for the attached usb device (sda1) were the sdcard is located. In the hope that powera will see it.

Sadly this has not worked. Have been unable to symbolic link to the sdcard as this is not possible.

Please anybody any ideas?

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