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help please with something like a theme purposes

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Hey Max I need you man.. Me and a few others from over at xda have been trying to compile and decompile your app to see if we can make power amp completely transparent.. All the menus and such not just a theme but fully doing it and changing one of the themes already installed to being transparent . Here's the problem I personally don't have knowledge on compiling but my friend trying it has all the knowledge and all that is holding him back is that he says he can't get it to decompile correctly or he would have it already .. Any help would be so greatly appreciated that I would love seeing it done with us thanks in advance

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The Poweramp apk has been compiled with "unknown" opcodes which is how Max fights piracy. You need to tell your compiler what to do with the "unknown" opcodes in order to decompile it. I don't think he will allow this as it would defeat the purpose of his efforts to stop piracy ;-)

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